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Boutique corporate finance house, specialising in Section 12J

Setting up and administering a Section 12J VCC or Private Equity fund involves stringent legislative and regulatory compliance and governance processes. Our unique blend of services removes the hassles, so the entrepreneur can focus on what he/she does best.

We offer a full turn-key solution; including FSCA Category I Section 12J Venture Capital Companies and FSCA Category II Private Equity Funds setup and ongoing administration and management services.

As a business, and as a team, we look to enhance value in the world around us.

Diversity and inclusion pave the way for innovation, progress and opportunity, and have a significant positive ripple effect on society and the economy.

We’re engaging with top role players in the Section12J and private equity industry, and we’re inviting you to join us.

We are making a commitment to pioneering the change that needs to happen. We’ll share these changes after the webinar.

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In 2014 we pioneered the first Section 12J VCC. Today, with over 40 VCC clients, we are the largest administrator of Section 12J VCCs. We are also the promoters of 10 of our own VCCs, including MeTTa Capital Limited and Mdluli Safari Lodge Limited.

We were the first venture capitalists to be part of the Section 12J story, and remain at the forefront of its exponential growth. We are proud to be a significant catalyst in the fastest growing alternative asset class in South Africa. What began as a tax break in 2014 has now become a leading investment strategy.

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Our vision is to leverage the Section 12J legislation to help fulfill the South African Government’s intention to boost venture capital and create employment. We are committed to being at the forefront of this alternative asset class and continue to actively lobby for new and relevant changes to the legislation in ways that are beneficial to our clients, stakeholders and the industry. 
Dale Smith
Cube Capital

Cube Capital is SA’s first BEE Hotel Fund of the Capital Hotels and Apartments and is administered by Grovest Corporate Advisory.

 Grovest was instrumental in assisting us with the registration, set-up and continuous administration of our Fund.

 We have found Grovest’s team, professional, dedicated, ethical, efficient and effective.  They are ready, able and always willing to go the extra mile, and will do almost anything for their clients’.

 Grovest were the pioneers in the Section 12J industry, and they have assisted Cube Capital, by keeping us abreast regarding amendments and challenges regarding the Section 12J industry.

 We would like to thank Grovest for their exceptional service to date and look forward to a continued productive and lucrative working relationship going forward.

Kalon Venture Partners

Kalon Venture Partners currently has two funds in the disruptive technology venture capital space, being Kalon Venture Partners and Kalon Venture Partners Fund II.

Kalon is not just about funding and smart capital, but about smart returns.  Smart returns make reference to creating as much non-financial value as financial value.

In light of our activities, we need to partner with companies that afford us the time to focus on our Funds mandate and to assist us with professionally administering our Funds.

Since inception, Grovest Corporate Advisory has assisted us with our Funds, ensuring they were registered and administered professionally.

The Grovest team is dedicated and driven to ensure that our requirements are always met on time and effectively, they ensure that Kalon always comes first. In addition, we are always kept abreast of changes in policy, legislation and regulations by the Grovest Team, so that we are in the know.

We thank Grovest for its’ contributions to Kalon and we look forward to our continued relationship with Grovest Corporate Advisory.

Jarryd Gillmer
Franchise Junction
Director & Founder

The Franchise Junction Section 12J VCC Limited is one of the funds administered by Grovest Corporate Advisory. As one of the Directors and Founders, it was a great pleasure to have Grovest’s assistance in the registration, set-up and continuous administration of our company.

Having a team, that carries themselves with great professionalism and is always to ready to assist, even when it requires going the extra mile, has proven a great benefit to our company and investors.

The fact that the Grovest team was instrumental in the initial section 12J tax incentive introduction,  and its continuous improvement and defence, has given our company an edge – keeping compliance and future growth in line with the core functions and intentions of section 12J.

I believe that Grovest have been a great partner in steering the success of the section12J industry, the success of our company and ultimately allowing section 12J companies to do the best we can to improve the South African economy, investment landscape, small businesses and entrepreneurship.

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