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An introduction

Welcome to the world of alternative assets. Let us be your guide.

There’s never been such ease of access, and such diversification to alternative investment opportunities – both locally and globally. For investors, this opens new opportunities, but also creates more noise and confusion – and a greater need for reliable, trusted perspectives. 

What are alternative assets?

An alternative investment is a financial asset that doesn’t fall into one of the conventional investment categories. Examples of conventional categories are cash, bonds and stock market investments. Alternative investments can include private equity or venture capital, hedge funds, art, technology, and even cannabis.

Who should invest in alternative assets?

We believe alternative assets should form a percentage of every balanced portfolio. But with investment comes varying degrees of risk. We’re here to help you do your homework, and best understand investments into these asset classes.

How do you know which alternative asset class is right for you?

Which asset classes, and how much you invest, depends on a number of factors, and is completely determined by your portfolio, goals, investment style, appetite for risk, and amount you have available to invest. We’ll help guide you through these considerations.

It’s an exciting, ongoing challenge getting alternative assets to the market and reaching different audiences simultaneously. I love a good challenge!
Jenna McErlaine
Marketing Manager

Investing with Grovest

What's your investment appetite?

Explore our curated offering; Get in on a diversified portfolio of solar energy-producing assets, leading tech funds, or get in on Africa’s equity-based crowdfunding platform.

Pioneered by Grovest

125% Tax deductible. Moderate risk. ESG impact.

The first private equity fund that entitles taxpayers (individuals, trusts, companies) and pension funds to invest in a portfolio of renewable energy-producing assets, and benefit from the SARS-approved enhanced 125% Section 12B tax allowance.

  • 10-Year Fund term
  • Bi-annual income distributions
  • Targeted IRR: 18% net of fees and taxes on risk capital over the 10-year term.

Fund II is open for investment.

Pioneered by Grovest

A portfolio of high-yielding rental assets.

Sunstone Capital Fund I was one of the highest-performing Section 12J funds in the top quartile.

Sunstone Capital offers investors the opportunity to earn consistent and reliable dividends by purchasing movable assets and renting them out for fixed monthly payments, building a low-risk, diversified portfolio.

Fund II launching soon.

Powered by Grovest

GoGetta is Africa’s equity crowdfunding platform connecting African entrepreneurs to global investors.

It’s time for Africa to join the billion-dollar crowdfunding industry.

Africa is ready. Entrepreneurs are hungry. Investors are seeking.

GoGetta is where they meet.

This is your opportunity to own a share in high-growth African businesses.

Administered and managed by Grovest

The best diversified tech investment offering.

Conceptualised in 2017, MeTTa Capital was the first Section 12J venture capital portfolio of funds offering investors a diversified, moderate risk investment with a single entry point.

MeTTa has had five successful capital raises, raising a total of R237 million.

Our Approach

Pioneering opportunity is in our blood

We believe in approaching each and every opportunity with commercial understanding, a problem solving lens, creativity and a sense of optimism.

Pioneers in alternative assets

We began this journey with Section 12J, and today have expanded into various other alternative asset investments. Take a look around, and let us know if you have any questions.

Track record

We have innovated a number of industry firsts, and are the largest Section 12J administrator in South Africa, and have R3.5 billion in assets under administration.


Our team is made up of expert, savvy and attentive financial analysts, legal advisors, compliance officers, corporate governance specialists, marketers and corporate financiers.


We are both ideas people and executors. No matter what we undertake, no-one will ever say we didn’t give it our all. We are serial entrepreneurs - and we love what we do. Making friends and building our network is all part of the fun.

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