SA’s top Section 12J funds – Grovest 12J Summit

Grovest Investor Summit to showcase leading Section 12J offerings.
Grovest 12J Summit - hosting SA’s top Section 12J funds
Grovest 12J Summit - hosting SA’s top Section 12J funds

Investors and advisors will have a unique opportunity to engage with some of SA’s top Section 12J funds at the Grovest 12J Summit to be held at The Venue, Melrose Arch on 22 January.

The event will start at 7:30 am and run until 11.30 am. Attendance is free with spaces limited to 200 seats.

The investor-focused event will have Grovest CEO Jeff Miller as its MC and it will showcase 16 top Section 12J Venture Capital Companies (VCCS) (SA’s top Section 12J funds) to individuals, wealth managers, financial advisors, broker consultants, asset managers, and high-net-worth individuals.

The VCCs on show operate in a variety of sectors – ranging from renewable energy to hospitality, agriculture and many more.

There will be speakers from the likes of MeTTa Capital, Sunstone, Decentral Energy, Rencell, Mdluli Safari Lodge and Pepperclub Invest. Other top VCCs on show will include the likes of Gidon Novick’s Lucid Ventures, Kalon, Signafi, Hasanaat, CCP and Sebvest Capital Partners.

As part of the event, investors and advisors will have an opportunity to meet face-to-face with fund managers who will be exhibiting their portfolios on the second level of The Venue.

The event will entirely focus on the opportunities these VCCs bring in what has become a rapidly growing asset class in South Africa, with just over R6bn under management.

Section 12J has increasingly grown popular among investors owing to the fact that it not only offers a return on investment but also because it is 100% tax-deductible in the year of investment.

Added to this, Section 12J provides a unique opportunity to invest and grow your money in South Africa, providing a much-needed boost to the economy and helping to create more jobs.

Several Section 12J funds, such as Mdluli Safari Lodge Limited, also have a strong social impact focus where they uplift and partner with communities to create wealth. In turn, Mdluli Safari Lodge is an exciting new hospitality opportunity in the Kruger National Park.

Other innovations come from MeTTa Capital, which is the first Section 12J fund of funds in South Africa. Rencell and Decentral Energy are also deploying capital in order to drive up installations of much-needed renewable energy programmes in South Africa while the likes of Pepperclub Invest gives investors an opportunity to acquire one of Cape Town’s top five-star luxury hotels.

These are just some of the exciting opportunities to learn about at the Grovest 12J Summit.

“For investors and advisors, this summit presents a great opportunity to find out more about the top Section 12J VCCs in the sector before capital raising windows close at the end of February,” says Jeff Miller.

“As Grovest, we have been a continuing pioneer and the most experienced player in South Africa’s Section 12J space, and we’re looking forward to showcasing the VCCs we have on offer,” says Miller.

To find out more about the Grovest 12J Summit and to RSVP, you can visit this link: https://grovest.co.za/grovest-12j-investor-summit/. We look forward to hosting you at this exciting event.

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