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Twelve B Green Energy Fund

South Africa’s Energy Crisis Sparks Money Manager’s Solar Fund

South Africa’s ongoing energy crisis has caused rolling blackouts, weakened the South African rand and forced the declaration of a state...

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Rencell   |   Small Cap Funds

Insights Report: The Art of raising capital

Raising capital is one of the most important tasks faced by any Fund Manager. Administered by Grovest, Rencell exists to empower and support the next...

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Webinar: The Art of raising capital

Unlocking the secrets to raising capital can be the most powerful step in any fund manager’s journey. For many first time and fund managers...

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Small Cap Funds

Rencell is solving the headaches for first time and emerging fund managers

For many first time and fund managers, it's a long, gruelling and unsupported journey. Identifying this pain point, and its broader industry implications, Rencell is...

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