Let’s talk about the social impact of VC

Investment, at its core, is about growing your money. You put in R1000 and hopefully you get out R10 000 in a 4 years-time, right? Yes! But there is more to investment besides the money – people.

Good ROIs are sexy. But what about your legacy? Do you always know the impact that your money has?

In contemporary times, investors have begun to pay extreme attention to the social impact that investments have on people, either a particular community – in most cases, and sometimes, maybe the nation.

In the Section 12J industry, some of the most popular questions to VCC managers surround the amount of jobs that our funds have created, or the impact that our investments have on the community where certain investments are made – and rightfully so!

As the Grovest Group, one of our core requirements in an investment, is the amount of jobs that it could potentially create. For a while, we have chosen investments that positively affect and uplift communities – one of the reasons we partnered with the Women’s Development Bank and created the WDB Growth Fund.

The tradition continues in our latest fund offering, Mdluli Safari Lodge. Mdluli Safari Lodge is a joint venture between the Mdluli Community and Mdluli Safari Lodge investments, that assists the Mdluli community in developing a luxury 4-star, 100 bed lodge in the heart of the Kruger National Park, where the community will be uplifted through revenue, job creation and empowerment, thus leaving a lasting legacy. For an investor, per R1m investment, they receive 25 free bed nights p.a. (for 10 years) and 10 free bed night p.a. (for 10 years) per R500k investment, and 5 free bed night p.a. (for 10 years) per R250k investment.

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