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As an entrepreneur with a business idea for a startup, SME or micro enterprise – you need perseverance and the know-how to take your great idea and turn it into a Section 12J enterprise, then operate your enterprise towards success. Make use of our experienced and facilitating approach to administering your enterprise or Venture Capital Company (VCC.)


S12J advice & administrative services

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You get assistance and partner with a reputable and established player in the S12J market.

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Our procedures are designed to offer you a seamless start and continued success for your S12J endeavour. 

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Our adherence, commitment and operational compliance offers you solutions to safeguard your S12J business venture.

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Our reliable, up-to-date reporting will help you understand and manage your financial and operational performance of your S12J business. 

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you capitalise on

The benefits of Section 12J tax deduction.

An experienced management team who demonstrates a solid VCC track record.

Innovative & strategic advisory services to help you achieve the growth for your business.


TO suit your business administrative needs

set up

We assist clients with all aspects of setting up a Section 12J fund:

  • The stage of investment
  • The sector in the industry to invest in
  • The location or geography suited to invest in
  • The performance objectives
registration & administration
We enter into the process with our clients from the start by:
  • Maintaining and updating of operational registers
  • Appoint and manage key individuals where required
  • Manage the VCC in accordance with the FSCA requirements
  • Liaise with compliance officers and auditors
  • Prepare monthly management of accounts
We ensure our client’s VCC fund is compliant with legislation through:
  • Making sure the structuring is in line with the outset requirements
  • Assess the financial viability of the VCC fund
  • Making sure the VCC fund operations are within legalisation

We adhere to all requirements, therefore report on the following for our clients:

  • SARS and FSCA reporting
  • Reporting to investors & stakeholders 
  • Company secretary liaison
  • Company auditor liaison
value added.

corporate advisory services

Legal Agreements
Corporate Financing suite
Full-service administration
various key functions
company secretary liaison
company auditor liaison
SARS & FSCA reporting
Investor & stakeholder communication
 to setup my VCC – and become business management associateS