Simplifying the complicated in corporate finance advisory


We'll handle the heavy lifting

Our comprehensive solutions are tailored to our clients’ unique challenges and opportunities, allowing you to focus on your core objectives.

Turnkey Service

We offer a comprehensive corporate finance solution to small and medium-sized businesses, allowing them to maximise shareholder value.

Ideas & Solutions

We can assist you with performing due diligence, deal facilitation, financial modelling, and valuation services, prospectuses, investment memorandums, investment structuring, capital raising and more.


Our team is the engine behind our success. Diversified skill sets and experience, and a creative financial approach, we are both ideas people and executors. And no matter what we undertake, no-one will ever say we didn’t give it our all.


Tapping into our large network enables us to open doors across all industries.

How we do things

Our diversified skill set enables us to take on special projects on behalf of our clients.

Research & Analysis

Our team researches, analyses and synthesises data from multiple sources into business information as required by our clients. We conduct sensitivity analysis to understand the key drivers of the business and strategies to maximise on these.


Our strengths include all types of financial modelling across diversified industries which includes ROI/NPV/IRR analysis.


We are a firm believer in dashboards, where we are able to monitor and manage the key drivers of the business.


We consider all aspects of the transaction ensuring compliance with the Companies Act, as well all necessary tax consequences. We have a strong understanding of regulatory and licensing requirements.


We facilitate strategic planning for our clients and assist them with the roadmap to achieve objectives within the agreed time frame.


We provide a turnkey service that takes care of all the necessary paperwork required for the considered transaction.

Staff Empowerment

We create ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) structures to empower and retain key staff.


We have a comprehensive and deep understanding of BBBEE transactions. We take into account the average weighted cost of capital to determine optimum capital structure for our clients.

Grovest are true experts in structuring. I'm responsible for drafting the agreements, and setting out the structures for any deals. It’s very rewarding to be part of this discipline.
Ashlee Bernic
In-house Legal


We'll handle the heavy lifting

Our solutions are tailored to our clients’ unique challenges and opportunities.

  • Buy and sell-side transactions.
  • Large network across a wide range of industries.
  • Strong negotiation skills with years of experience.
  • Equity transactions
  • Debt transactions
  • ESOP plans
  • BBBEE transactions
  • Tax planning
  • Integrated income statements, balance sheets and cash flows
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Dashboard reporting
  • ROI/NPV/IRR analysis
  • Diversified skill set able to carry out comprehensive due diligence across all facets of the business
  • Deep operational experience and understanding across a wide range of industries
  • 360-degree due diligence report with strengths, weaknesses and recommendations
  • Post-investment management and reporting
  • Dashboard reporting of key metrics
  • KPI and KPA establishment and monitoring
  • Financial budgeting and cash forecasts
  • Working capital requirements
  • Understanding of statutory and Companies Act requirements
  • Liaison with CIPC
  • Financial reporting
  • Legal requirements
  • Requirements of King IV
  • Drafting of prospectuses and investment memorandums
  • Large network of investors across a wide range of industries


We work like advisors, but think like entrepreneurs

Disciplined. Creative. Detailed. Determined. 

Pioneering alternative asset investment

The journey began with Section 12J which became the fastest growing alternative asset class in South Africa, but our story continues to evolve. We are driven to pioneer new opportunities in alternative asset investments and advisory. Corporate finance and advisory is an integral part of our strategy to enable entrepreneurs and business professionals to focus on what they do best and achieve their objectives.

Track record

By applying the knowledge and experience we’ve gained over the years, we have innovated a number of industry firsts, and are the largest section 12J administrator in South Africa, with assets under administration of R3.5 billion.

Turnkey solution

Making your life easier - no matter your needs and objectives, our unique blend of services have you covered.


We have an experienced and diversified team across various disciplines including financial modeling, reporting, legal advisory, statutory, accounting, compliance and licensing frameworks.

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