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CORPORATE FINANCE – expansion funding

your business growth point advantage

Whether you are a small-medium business (SME) (3 year running and a track record) or scalar enterprise you can make use of our innovative and customised approach to capital funding (corporate finance) for the growth of your enterprise or venture capital company (VCC.)


strategic analysis & advice

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Our methodology will help you know the future potential and value of your S12J business.

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Our process involves a thorough analysis of your current financials, then the evaluation and future projection of your capital structure.

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Our goal is to gain a deeper understanding and then identify your financial needs. We then provide you with the right financial solutions.

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Our support in your transaction negotiations and contracts gives you the advantage in the process.

simply put.

you capitalise on

Assisted access to corporate financing services for your newly established S12J business.

An innovative team who has the ability to optimise and customise a capital structure for long-term corporate funding for your S12J business.

Our ability to secure funding for your S12J business through private and/or public investors, or our own participation.


TO suit your business financial goals


We determine the current present value (PV) of your asset for the purposes of:

  • An evaluation of your investment – profitability & risks
  • Your capital budgeting
  • Transaction support – mergers & acquisition 
  • Financial reporting
  • Taxation – liability and litigation
We investigate and undertake an extensive analysis, whereby, we thoroughly assess your businesses:
  • Targets
  • Assets
  • Capabilities
  • Liabilities
  • Contracts
  • Benefits, etc.
finance advice
We provide and advise you on your financial position for your business decision, therefore, we help you to understand your:
  • Financial model/s
  • Business activities
  • Key drivers for financial success
  • Forecast balance sheet
  • Income statement
  • Cashflows
We identify and then support the whole transaction process in order to create value for your business and shareholders alike, therefore, we tailor your needs through:
  • Pre and transaction evaluation
  • Structuring process advice
  • Contract and vendor intervention or assistance
  • Amalgamation and post implementation/s
  • Due diligence – identify risks and opportunities
value added.

corporate finance services

BEE structured transactions
Customised Section 12J
Finance facilitation
Company valuations
Financial modeling
Buy/sell mandates
Mergers & acquisitions
Private Placement Memorandums
Memorandum of Incorporation
Company structuring
Interactive budgeting
En Commandite Partnerships
Enterprise & Supplier Development Models
Investor & stakeholder communication
company auditor liaison
company secretary liaison
 to raise capital for my VCC – and let my business have the growth point advantage