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09 Dec: Venture Capital – An Alternative Asset Class

Venture Capital as an alternative asset class has been around for hundreds of years in one form or another. Today…

06 Nov: Professional Venture Capital Management

Venture Capital by its very nature is a high-risk investment. Companies are generally in their formative years and are in…

07 Oct: Section 12J Certificates – The paper you need to get your money back

As a Section 12J investor, in order to get access to your investment rebate, you will need to be in…

06 Sep: High Returns and Controlled Risk: Venture Capital, the safe way

Usually accompanied by one of the most famous adages in investment, “The higher the risk, the higher the return”, Venture…

02 Aug: Venture Capital – An Alternative Investment Asset Class

UNBEKNOWNST to many, Venture Capital, has been a form of alternative investment in one way or another, for the last…

07 Jul: How the 2018 Budget affects South African Investors

The 2018 Budget Speech was full of optimism and reassurance but was also filled with amendments as expected. Undoubtedly, the…

30 Jun: Let’s talk about the social impact of VC

Investment, at its core, is about growing your money. You put in R1000 and hopefully you get out R10 000…

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