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Silverleaf Investments

For astute investor looking to participate in the world’s fastest growing industry

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  • South Africa has recently legalised cannabis usage which has opened up a new product category
  • The first of its kind fund in South Africa, offering a brand new asset class, following huge success internationally
  • Offering investors the opportunity to achieve returns in excess of 20% per annum
  • Managed by a team of highly experienced corporate finance and industry experts
  • Aiming to be recognised as the leading investment fund in the South African cannabis and hemp industry
  • Be part of a high growth, global, rapidly developing industry.
  • Fund has already made acquisitions in leading cannabis export business
  • Management team has access to international investments

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What investors are saying

“I am absolutely astounded at the prospects that are being offered in this new high growth industry, and having seen some of the returns that are being achieved in the North American market and having researched the global demand, I am well satisfied that my investment will pay dividends.”

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