164 Katherine Street, Sandton

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Sunstone Capital investing

Sunstone Capital Limited

For the risk-averse investor looking for a stable and dependable return on asset-backed investments.

Investments from


  • Asset backed Rentals
  • Stable and dependable income streams
  • Low/Moderate risk profile
  • Bi Annual Dividends +-7.5%
  • IRR to investors 18.3%
  • Diversified portfolio includes Medical Equipment, Commercial Fleet Vehicles (leased to Avis)
  • Provides SME’s alternative solutions to traditional finance
  • Stimulating the economy without taking on high risk
  • Highly Liquid

Investments to date

R45 million

Number of investors to date


Investments remaining



“I love the stability and low risk profile that Sunstone Capital offers, I just invested for my third year in a row!” – S Govender

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