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Structuring and legal agreements tailored for fund managers with AUM of > R200 million

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Fund set up

There are many challenges involved in selecting the right fund structure, keeping up to date on all compliance and legal requirements, as well as the associated costs of setting up and administering a fund. Our team works relentlessly with our clients to understand their unique needs, strategy, objectives, fund mandate, and more. We then establish and implement the ideal structure and ensure all the necessary documentation is up to date and compliant.


No stone is left unturned. We support our clients through our comprehensive range of fund administrative services, including fund structuring, legal, accounting, reporting, drawdowns, compliance and more. By handling all the heavy lifting, you can focus your efforts on executing the fund’s strategy.


Our diversified and experienced team supports and consults our clients throughout the fund’s life cycle. From deal facilitation, corporate finance, and structuring; to valuations, transactions and more, we create value by helping our clients unlock potential and maximise the fund’s operational efficiency.


Empowering the next generation of fund managers for success


We have a passion for structuring

Disciplined. Creative. Detailed. Determined.

Pioneering alternative asset investing

The journey began with Section 12J which became the fastest growing alternative asset class in South Africa, but our story continues to evolve. We are driven to pioneer new opportunities in alternative asset investments and advisory.

Private equity is an integral part of our strategy to enable entrepreneurs and business professionals to focus on what they do best and achieve their objectives.

Track record

By applying the knowledge and experience we’ve gained over the years, we have innovated a number of industry firsts, and are the largest 12J administrator in South Africa, with assets under administration of R3.5 billion.

Turnkey solution

Making your life easier - no matter your needs and objectives, our unique blend of services have you covered.


We have an experienced and diversified team across various disciplines including financial modelling, reporting, legal advisory, statutory, accounting, compliance and licensing frameworks.

I have an endless fascination with entrepreneurship - the ways in which innovative and energetic entrepreneurs establish and build businesses which generate exceptional returns, create employment opportunities and enhance the world we live in
Malcolm Segal
Co-founder & Non-Executive Chairman

Perspectives in Action

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