Empowering the next generation of fund managers for success


Focus on the fund essentials, we’ll do the rest

The only fund structure of its kind.

The road to fund success is long, tough and often lonely, and the Rencell model provides the much-needed support for first-time and emerging fund managers in the set up and administration of their funds.

Administered by Grovest, Rencell’s purpose is to empower the next generation of fund managers by supporting their efforts through a ready-to-go, compliant, and well-managed fund structure that drives optimum investment.

Rencell Fund I closed 30 June 2021 with R85m in assets under management.

Rencell Fund II opened in July 2021.

An Authorised Financial Services Provider.
Rencell Limited FSP Number 47737.
Rencell Fund II Limited FSP Number 50359.


We’ll have you up and running in less than 2 weeks, ​​leaving you with the time to focus on the fund essentials of raising capital, seeking investment, post investment management, networking, and marketing.


Rencell handles all the heavy lifting for one fixed monthly fee. It’s more cost-effective because the costs are shared across a number of different share classes. There are no surprises – all fees are agreed up front.


From registration with the FSCA and providing a Key Individual for the fund, to an FSCA-approved Compliance Officer and legal agreements, fund managers can tick all the compliance requirements off their list.

How it works

You can be in business in two weeks


We meet and clarify your investment mandate and strategy.


We allocate a Rencell Account Executive to assist in getting you up and running.


We sign the Service Level Agreement.


We allocate you a share class, ring fenced to your investment mandate.


You appoint a share class manager to manage your share class.


We do all documentation in-house - necessary for compliance and governance.


We will assist you with your prospectus/private placement memorandum if required.


You can go and raise capital from your investors.


You report to your investors on a quarterly basis.


You deploy the capital raised and manage your investments.


Deliver returns to shareholders.


We send audited annual financial statements to all shareholders within 4 months of year end.

Why Rencell?

We're different from the typical fund set up

Scale & risk

You are getting involved in a fund with scale. It is already set up to meet all your objectives.

Industry agnostic

Rencell fund II is suitable for investments into any industry.

Full turnkey solution

From set up to administrative requirements - we dot the i’s and cross the t’s

Fostering entrepreneurship

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the frustration in being first-time fund managers. By providing the necessary support, fund managers can hit the ground running.

When I saw what Rencell was doing, I fell in love with the industry
Siya Mrabalala
Business Development, Client & Investor Relations

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